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Spring 2011 Volume XXII • Issue 4
The following are excerpts from the Chapter's most recent quarterly newsletter. For the full text, please join the Chapter to obtain a copy.
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  Cover  -  The Maryland Lighthouse Challenge Takes a Break
by Karen Rosage
  Tough times sometimes call for tough measures, and such is the case with the Maryland Lighthouse Challenge. Since its inception back in 2003, the Challenge has been held annually. The major sponsors of the event have been the Maryland counties in which the Challenge lights reside. With the current budget crisis here in the state...
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  Page 2   Pasek ’s PuzzlersPrinted Version Only....    
  Page 3   GlimmeringsPrinted Version Only....    
  Page 3   Thomas Point Shoal & Hooper Island Lighthouse Update
by Henry Gonzalez
  Page 4   WED After an AdventurePrinted Version Only....    
  Page 5   To Preserve
by Donna Suchomelly
  Page 5  

 2009 Photo contest Results
by Anne Puppa

  Page 7   2009 MD Lighthouse Challenge MVP NamedPrinted Version Only....    
  Page 8   Publicity Update
by Dave Rosage
  Page 8   Education ProgramPrinted Version Only....    
  Page 9   Liebrecht's LightsPrinted Version Only....    
  Page 12   Walk-a-thon Boosts Preservation Fund
by Tony Pasek
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