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The Chesapeake Chapter focuses on implementing the U.S. Lighthouse Society's goals in the Chesapeake Bay area, particularly with regard to the lighthouses and lightships of Virginia and Maryland. Since this is a local chapter of the national organization,  Chapter members are expected to be or to become members of the U.S. Lighthouse Society.

The Chapter meets in various locations in Virginia, Maryland, and the Mid-Atlantic area about once a month between March and September and in December.

Meetingsinclude visits and cruises to land-based and seaborne lights and other facilities, guest speakers, presentations by members, and time for sharing collections and information on trips. Meetings are designed to be self-supporting, with costs shared by the attendees. Through the cooperation of the U.S. Coast Guard and other organizations, many of our meetings include access to lighthouses normally not available to the general public.

Our newsletter, Chesapeake Lights, is published quarterly and includes reports of past and future meetings, articles on area lights, member activities and profiles, and other items of interest to lighthouse enthusiasts. The Chapter maintains a modest archive of materials available for study, loan, and copying. The Chapter has started up a volunteer program in 1997 to assist local organizations in the preservation and maintenance of Bay area lighthouses. The Chapter tries to keep abreast of all light activities in Virginia and Maryland to serve as an information source and contact point for local authorities, other organizations, and the general public.

The Chapter is supported by annual dues which essentially cover the cost of the newsletter. Additional donations are always welcome to cover overhead expenses and support expansion of our programs. Your involvement in the Chesapeake Chapter is critical to the maintenance and growth of a vigorous and dynamic local organization committed to protecting, enjoying, and advancing the Bay's lighthouse heritage.

We hope you will share your interest in lighthouses by joining us today.

For Additional Information please write to: 

Chesapeake Chapter, USLHS
P.O. Box 1270
Annandale VA 22003-1270

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