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August 11 - Fishing Battery & Pooles Island Cruise
by Joyce Holland
When youíre a lighthouse lover, you know you need to be prepared for anything when it comes to visiting them. Bad weather, errant plans, out of the way locales are just a few examples of the obstacles we face when pursuing our passion of visiting the lights. Most of us face these obstacles with a smile and just refuse to take no for an answer.

We faced a few challenges getting our Fishing Battery and Pooles Island trip together; from no boat to no dock to getting just enough passengers to make the trip ďA Go.Ē It was frustrating but Joyce never gave up and at 9:00 AM on Saturday, August 11, 2007 we set off. The weather the week leading up to the trip was abysmal with highs in the triple digits and humidity that didnít seem to let up. The morning of the 11th was overcast and quite cool; a most welcome relief. We met the boat at the docks of Hutchins Park in Havre de Grace, MD. Captain Wayne Gaitling, who deadheaded from Rock Hall, MD, being unfamiliar with the area had to negotiate some obstacles in order to get us aboard the Laura Lynn II. But, in the end, it all worked out and we were ready to see some lighthouses.

We first passed the Concord Point Lighthouse. The 1827 light looked great thanks to the diligent restoration that has been done. We paused for pictures and then headed to Fishing Battery Island. After a short trip we arrived at the island. The lighthouse is in disrepair. Restoration was abandoned after hurricane Isabel flooded the structure all the way up to the roof. Again we stopped for pictures; Captain Wayne maneuvered the boat around the island, almost running aground to get in closer, in order to make sure we had plenty of angles to get our photos. We had four people reach 40+3 at Fishing Battery Island. Congratulations to Karen Harshman, Becky Seitz, Diedre Asbjorn and Kelly Carper.

We headed to Turkey Point where we couldnít get too close otherwise we wouldnít be able to see the light on the cliffs. After a short stop, we were off to Pooles Island. As we were heading to the light, I noticed on the starboard side, the sky was bright blue. On the port side it was dark and cloudy. It appeared as if the Laura Lynn II was parting the skies.

After a relaxing ride, we reached Pooles Island. The light looks as if it has been recently painted. It made a wonderful backdrop for pictures of the four other recipients of the 40+3 patch. Well done to Kathy Peacock, Sam, Ginger and Diana Fishel. It was fantastic to have 8 people in such a small group receive their patch and join this club on the same trip.

We cruised back to Havre de Grace ending a wonderful day. Thanks to everyone who took the trip. Itís this continued participation that will ensure we can take trips as a group in the future. Also, special thanks to Joyce Holland for setting up the trip and to Tony Pasek for putting together the information in the folders. Congratulations to all of the 40+3 recipients who received their patches on this trip. We look forward to seeing more of you on future trips and welcoming more members to the Chapterís prestigious 40+3 club.

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