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Do YOu Like Lighthouses?
Check out this fun page of puzzles, mazes and match-ups. You will need Acrobat Reader to view and print this page.

 Lighthouse Games
Do you like to play Hangman? Check out our Lighthouse Hangman game on-line. Can you save the light?

Do you like to play Concentration? Try our Lighthouse Concentration game. Click on a tile; match the pairs. How fast can you find the pairs?

Try your skills with Picture Scramble. Scramble the picture of the lighthouse then try your luck at putting it back together.

Did You Know?
Kids whose parent(s) hold Chapter family membership can also participate in the 40 + 3 and receive a patch. View and print out using Acrobat Reader or HTML the list of lighthouses and lightships and get started today!

Move mouse over picture to play sound. Click on the picture for more information.

Picture of a bell buoy Picture of a fog signal Picture of sea gulls flying Picture of waves breaking on the shore

Click on picture to learn the parts of the lighthouse.

Types of Lighthouses
Lighthouses come in all shapes and sizes. Ever wonder about the different types? Click the click to learn more about lighthouse types to learn more.

Life of a Lighthouse Keeper
What was it like to be a Lighthouse Keeper? Was it fun? Boring? Dangerous? Click the Click for information about a lighthouse keeper's life to learn more.

Picture of completed lighthouse craft projectHere is a fun lighthouse craft project. You will build your own lighthouse with the following items a 9” or larger paper plate, 16 oz or larger Styrofoam or paper cup, toilet paper roll, construction paper, optional – 10 mm wood bead and round toothpick. View and print out using Acrobat Reader or HTML the craft directions.

Caleb from Washington State writes:

...I am working on a school report and need some information. Can you provide me with answers to the following questions? Thanks! Click here to see the questions and answers.

Are you writing a report and have questions? Do you like lighthouses and want to share your experiences? Just drop us a line at Your letter, questions or comments may be published on this site!

More Lighthouse Information
Want to learn more about lighthouses? Click the Click for more lighthouse information to learn more.

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