Chesapeake Chapter U.S.L.H.S. Volunteer Schedule 2005

Name: _________________________________________ Phone: (_____)_______________________
Address: _______________________________________ Email: ______________________________
Address: _______________________________________ Skills: ______________________________
City, State, Zip: _________________________________ ____________________________________

Work on Fresnel Lenses at Exhibit Center: Training required. Please check all dates you can commit to.
January 3rd___ 4th ___ 18th ___ 19th ___ 31st ___ July 5th ___ 6th ___ 18th ___ 19th ___
February 1st ___ 14th ___ 15th ___ 28th ___ August 1st ___ 2nd ___ 22nd ___ 23rd ___
29th ___ 30th ___
March 1st ___ 14th ___ 15th ___ 28th ___
29th ___
September 12th ___ 13th ___ 26th ___ 27th ___
April 11th ___ 12th ___ 25th ___ 26th ___ October 11th ___ 12th ___ 24th ___ 25th ___
May 9th ___ 10th ___ 23rd ___ 24th ___ November 7th ___ 8th ___ 21st ___ 22nd ___
June 6th ___ 7th ___ 13th ___ 14th ___ December 5th ___ 6th ___ 19th ___ 20th ___

Baltimore Maritime Museum: Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse/Lightship Chesapeake. Work will be assigned by museum volunteer coordinator.
February 26th ___ August 20th ___
March 19th ___ November 19th ___
June 18th ___    

Calvert Marine Museum: Yearly spring cleaning at Drum Point and Cove Point.
April 2nd ___ April 3rd ___

Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum: General clean up to maintain the light throughout the season.
July 9th ___ July 10th ___

Ft. Washington Bell Tower Light: Continue to replace exterior wood, paint and caulk. There is extensive carpentry work needed here.
May 21st ___ July 23rd ___
October 1st ___ December 10th ___

Old Coast Guard Station on Assateague Island: Assignment will depend on what is needed at the station. We may be painting some of the interior rooms or we may be doing some other type of maintenance.
October 22nd ___ October 23rd ___
Overnight: Do you wish to spend the night? Please circle one.     Yes       No

Thomas Point Lighthouse Maintenance: Understandably access to the site is dependent on availability of transportation AND good weather. For safety reasons, the captain of the boat will always have the last word on go/no go. Work will consist of removing carpeting, repairing railings, painting, patching wood, general maintenance, etc.

Primary Date
Rain Date
Saturday 5th
Sunday 6th
Saturday 16th
Sunday 17th
Saturday 7th
Sunday 8th
Saturday 4th
Sunday 5th
Saturday 30th
Sunday 31st
Saturday 27th
Sunday 28th
Saturday 24th
Sunday 25th
Saturday 29th
Sunday 30th

Thomas Point: Available on short notice? Please circle one.     Yes     No

Thomas Point Tour Guide:     Days and Times available.

Lighthouse Histories: We hope to start this project up again. It will consist of writing short histories of each lighthouse on the Coast Guard web site. Each participant will be assigned a set of lighthouses to research by the project coordinator. After a specified time period these should be submitted and you will receive another set of lighthouses to research. NOTE: Local lights are already done. Histories currently on web site should be updated for changes in their status. Please circle one.    Yes    No

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