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Page 10:   Walk-a-thon Boosts Preservation Funds
by Tony Pasek
On December 1, 2009, my wife Alma and I attended an awards assembly at the Crofton Middle School in Crofton, MD. We received a very generous check for the Chapter’s H.E.L.P. fund and the Thomas Point Shoal & Hooper Island preservation coffers. The money was raised during a student-sponsored walk-a-thon held on a breezy, cool October 26 morning at the John Downs Memorial Park in Pasadena, MD. Nearly 400 students and approximately 25 teachers and parents raised $3,246 during the outdoor event. Chapter publicity officer Dave Rosage, his wife and Challenge Coordinator Karen, my spouse Alma and I set up a Chesapeake Bay lighthouse display and did brief talks before small groups of enthusiastic 7th grade students under a picnic pavilion. We also provided many handouts and Chapter Loft items, courtesy of Programs officer Joyce Holland. Located on the western side of the Chesapeake Bay and to the north of the Bay Bridge, the park afforded distant views of the Baltimore Harbor Lighthouse and the Craighill Lower Range Lights. This walk-a-thon surpassed a similar event held at the same location in October, 2009, which raised $2,624.

Sincere appreciation once again goes to math teacher Mrs. Joanne O’Hara, who organized both annual events and collected funds from the students. Many thanks to all the dedicated students at Crofton Middle School who will be our country’s next generation of lighthouse preservation stewards. With your support, our lighthouses have a bright future. Special thanks to the three top student fundraisers - Megan Lynch, Kyle Markovic and Ally Danick. Great work, youngsters. Thanks too, to Karen and Dave for accompanying us to this year’s walk-a-thon and their hospitality in providing Alma and I with excellent accommodations at the “Rosage B & B”.

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