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Winter, 1999  Issue 5
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By: Don Bruening
Lightship Overfalls - Click for a larger view !This beautiful lightship continues to reside in Lewes, DE, on the canal, and can be accessed via Pilottown Road - for a while.  Accepted by the Lewes Historical Society in 1973 from the US Coast Guard she stood for years off Boston and upon being brought to Lewes was re-christened the OVERFALLS for the lightship which from 1892 to 1961 patrolled the entrance to the Delaware Bay. In 1975 the Overalls Lighthouse Association in a major undertaking moved the ship to Lewes, prepared it for a museum role, and created a permanent birth for it on the canal.  Tours of the OVERFALLS were conducted upon request to the Lewes Historical Society from April to Labor Day. Last year the OVERFALLS was given, gratis, to the River School in Old Saybrook, Connecticut. The Lewes group wanted to keep her but they had been unable to find enough money to keep up her maintenance.  Plans for the OVERFALLS, which include being renamed the CORNFIELD, are for her to be either towed or sailed under her own power through the New York shipping lane to New London, CT.  There she will lie in dry-dock until she is completely refurbished. Once the repairs have been completed she will reside permanently at a pier being built her in Old Saybrook. The tie in with Old Saybrook and the OVERFALLS (CORNFIELD) is that the lightship stood off Old Saybrook for many years before her other assignments in Boston Harbor and Delaware Bay. In essence she will be returning home bringing with her many fond memories and stories of years gone by. Chesapeake Chapter members wanting or needing the OVERFALLS as one of the 40 +3 will have to visit her soon.  She is scheduled for redeployment in the spring this year.

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