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August 10th, 2002 - A Day on the Bay
by Joyce Holland
On Sat., August 10 th , David and Eli Schneider, Robert and myself took an all day lighthouse cruise on the Chesapeake Bay out of Tilghman Island, Md. with Capt. Mike Richards aboard the MV Sharps Island. David and Eli brought along their friends, Randy and Leslie. While waiting to board, we met another Chapter couple from Silver Spring, Md., Martha and Paul Glenn. That’s one of the things I love about our Chapter; you meet fellow members almost everywhere that you travel to view and photograph lighthouses.

We embarked around 9 am, and our first stop was the Bloody Point Bar lighthouse. After circling for photos, we headed to Thomas Point Shoal, Sandy Point Shoal, and Baltimore Lights. We then headed across the Bay to Tolchester Beach for lunch. After lunch, we went north to Pooles Island; we circled the island, and then crossed the Bay again to view the four Craighill Channel Lights. After these lights we headed south to Sharps Island, our final lighthouse. Since the vessel can go into low waters, we were up close and personal to all of the lights, 50 to 60 feet, except for three of the Craighill Channel lights. The rear range light is in 3 feet of water surrounded by crab pots. The lower and upper range lights are essentially on shore and Capt. Mike took us in as close as he possibly could without endangering our safety. We were given ample time at each light to take photos. As a matter of fact, Capt. Mike told us to let him know when we had all the photos we wanted and/or needed. “Thumbs up when you’re done” he said.

Capt. Mike has 31 years experience on the Bay. During the trip, he provides headsets to wear that narrate the history of the lights and the history of the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. The vessel, the MV Sharps Island, is a 36 ft. overhauled Coast Guard landing vessel. It accommodated 19 people comfortably that day. If you are working on your 40+3 list and you need to see these 10 lights, this is a way to do so if there is no Chapter trip scheduled. However, if you want the comfort and luxury of the Captain Rudy Thomas, then this is not the way to go. The trip is adventurous and like being out on the Bay in your own pleasure craft. The engines are loud, and we were rock’n and roll’n with the currents and the wakes and sometimes we even got wet from the spray.

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