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July 23 - Delaware Bay Cruise
by Brian Wootton

Harbor of Refuge.On Sunday, July 23, 2006, fifty-six people gathered in Lewes, Delaware and boarded the Thelma Dale IV with Captain Dale at the helm and his first mate Tug (a chocolate Labrador retriever) inspecting the boat. Many of us were amazed to watch Tug going up and down the steps. On this particular Chapter trip, we had some old faces and many new ones, as well as lighthouse enthusiast bringing along their families so that they could share with them their love of lighthouses. It was typical lighthouse weather, overcast and dreary and wet, but everybody was looking forward to spending a day on the water.

After leaving the dock, we first cruised past the lightship Overfalls. Out into the bay, our first lighthouse stop was Fourteen Foot Bank. At this point, Captain Dale decided that it would be best to run with the tide, so we turned north and headed to Ship John Shoal; then turned south to view Elbow of Cross Ledge, (the remains of) Crossledge Light, Miah Maul and Brandywine Shoal. We then cruised down to Harbor of Refuge and the Delaware East End Breakwater lights. If you are interested in going inside either of these lights, tours are offered by the Delaware River & Bay Lighthouse Foundation. You can visit their website by going to the chapter’s website, WWW.CHESLIGHTS.ORG, and click on lighthouse links at the bottom of the page.

The weather did cooperate a little by letting up some when we were viewing the lights. At each light Captain Dale shared his knowledge of the lights and the bay in general. As I walked around the boat I was treated to many stories from the people I met. People who did not know each other were talking like old friends; I have come to expect this on lighthouse trips. During the trip we gave away many door prizes, and raffled off two limited edition pieces from the Harbour Lights collection, Fourteen Foot Bank and Indian River Lifesaving Station, with the proceeds going to the H.E.L.P. fund. One gentleman told me at the end of the trip that his wife and daughter now understood his passion for these sentinels of the water. After I got home I received several emails thanking all the volunteers who helped on the cruise, I would like to add my own thanks.

Note: Special thanks to our board members, Paula and Lauren Liebrecht and Sandra Sableski for stepping forward and signing up for this trip to help make it “A Go”. We would also like to thank Herb Von Goerres and William “Red” Moulinex, of the Delaware River & Bay Lighthouse Foundation, for joining us and having their USLHS Passport Stamps of Harbor of Refuge and Delaware East End Breakwater available on the cruise.

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