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Janes Island Lighthouse
Janes Island Lighthouse was a screwpile built to replace a lightship that was stationed at Tangier Sound in the entrance to Little Annemessex River just west of Crisfield, MD. The first lighthouse was constructed in 1867 and destroyed by moving ice on January 20, 1879. The next lighthouse, a screwpile also, was built in 1879 exactly like the second Hooper Strait Light. The lighthouse showed a fixed white light of the fourth order.

In the winter of 1893, the fog bell was wrenched from its fastenings by floating ice and severely damaged the boat hoist and boat besides the bell itself. Spare parts were obtained from the wreck of Solomons Lump Light. The second Janes Island Lighthouse was destroyed by moving ice in 1935 after floating around Tangier Sound for three days and finally sinking. No photos available.

There is a skeleton tower on a caisson base at the location today that was installed in 1936. Even though this lighthouse is in Maryland, it is an important beacon for mariners entering or leaving Virginia waters in the Tangier Sound.

Photos courtesy of Coast Guard.

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